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Flags For Vets Memorial Day

  • 26 May 2024
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CDT)
  • Veterans Memorial Cemetery Veterans Memorial Dr

Registration is closed

Join us with your family and friends (kids welcome) as in years past.

May 26th, 2024, at 9.00 am-11.00am

Our Assigned spot


Veterans Memorial Cemetary

10410 Veterans Memorial Drive

to place flags for fallen Vets.

There are many Jewish Vets here, so let's pay our respect.

We will not meet at the Rotunda

JWV and Hod will meet at 8.15am so that we can hold our own ceremony with TAPS 

HOD 2023 Map - Flags for Vets.pdf (

UPDATE: May 26, 2024 




 You may park in the cemetery, or on side streets – Do not block ANY roads


 Ruler – to measure 12" from the headstones (Paint stir sticks work well, too :)

 Screw Driver – for pilot holes to sink flags 5" into the ground – (mark them for 5")

 Or something sturdy – marked for 5"

9:00 am – AT YOUR SECTION:

 LEADERS hand out Flags (2 bundles = 40 Flags)

Please DO NOT help Yourself

 No starting before 9:00 am

 FIRST – People with a Loved One in that section ALWAYS receive Flags first

 NEXT – Volunteers registered for that section receive Flags

 THEN – All others may receive flags


 Place FLAGS 12" from headstones – CENTERED – and SINK 5" in ground

 Do NOT PUSH down on the TOP of Flags – they WILL BREAK

 FLAGS – ONLY in FRONT of headstones. NEVER behind, even if there is a name

 COLUMBARIUMS – 1 FLAG in front of each column, in the edge of the GRASS

 NEVER MOVE anything at a grave. Place your FLAG next to any objects

 SAY EACH VETERANS NAME as you place a flag – THANK THEM for their service

 Please – When your area is done, help other areas until cemetery is complete

 RETURN all Unused FLAGS / Rubber bands – We recycle & reuse all Flags

o RUBBER BANDS – put in one tote

o GOOD, Unused FLAGS – put in another tote

o DAMAGED FLAGS – put these in a 3rd tote

 Pick up all TRASH – we leave the cemetery in PRISTINE condition


(c) 2020 Hebrew Order of David

Lodge Tikvah, Houston, TX

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