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HOD Lodge Galil and Lodge Tikvah  Bretheren on the unveiling of another stone

Part of the Grave stone Project

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Unveiling at Beth YeshurunGravestone Project Leaders, Bros Alan Lipman and Ivor Segall unveiling a stone at the Beth Yeshurun Cemetery.

The first eight stones for the Gravestone Project were placed on Oct 6, 2019 at ceremonies at four Houston Jewish cemeteries.  Rabbis from each congregation presided over ceremonies to honor the known and unknown buried in each grave.

To Date we have completed Temple Emanuel's Cemetery, and have 10 more at Beth Israel's. Then we will complete UOS.

HOD Galil was proud to lead the project, and now HOD Tikvah will help, but we need help from you.  Please donate, or click here for more information. Please email if you'd like to discuss the project in more detail.

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Please see the link here: http:/maccabifunrun.org/

HOD Global Initiative- the HOD Maccabi Global 5k Fun Run

HOD International Lodges are going to be partnering with Future Leaders Forum, a division of the Maccabi Games World Union, to participate in a 5k race called the Maccabi Fun Run.  Maccabi Fun Run is an extraordinary community FUN and Charity Sport Day where people run or even walk together with, and for their favorite charity organization. 100% of your registration fee will be donated to the charity of your choice from our list! This is what makes Maccabi Fun Run a special community event, different from anything you have ever experienced!

This event will be held in each of the cities that HOD lodges are located in globally. This will be an opportunity for each of our Lodges to raise some money for charities we select as well as great publicity for us.   The selected charities will be associated with children's health and well being.

The Maccabi Fun Run was held in 25 cities across the world in 2019 with over 15,000 people participating. Hundreds of Jewish organizations participate in it and several other Atlanta Jewish organizations will also be participating with us. 

People/families of all ages participate and they can walk or run.

The organizer from HOD is Anton Teper, who is the HOD Deputy Grand Lodge President.  Anton is based in London.  He is working with the organizer of the Maccabi Games for us to partner with them.   The goals of HOD participating are to affiliate with a cause: to raise funds for a any local charities that are related to Children’s health and Well Being. 

Our HOD role is simple: for our Houston lodges to get at least 30 runners in Each Houston Lodge to participate.  Each runner will raise some money for our charity. That’s it.   I expect though that we will have hundreds or thousands of runners for this event.

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Lodge Tikvah, Houston, TX

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